Standards Based on Success

Our proprietary research-based  review process was developed by the comprehensive expert analysis of over hundreds successful Hollywood films. Our reviews are never based on the knowledge of only one reader. 

Focus on Improving Your Script

Our goal is to make your script marketable.  To accomplish this, we provide very detailed feedback, with suggestions and many ideas how to improve your script. 


Uncompromising Value - Unbeatable Price

We believe quality should not be compromised. Our services offer the best value because we believe in exceeding expectations while keeping the prices affordable.

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Covering All Stages

Our services cover the entire screenplay writing process and can be ordered at any time during screenwriting.  Our services listed below are Script Analysis, Script and Plot Analysis, Script Adviser, Scene-by-Scene, Script Architect, Quick Assessment, Script Rewrite and  Write.

Standards Score Gives Accurate Assessment

Standards Score numerically shows not only how overall script ranks but also what elements of the script needs to improved. The following aspects of script are ranked: Concept, Theme, Commercial Potential, Story, Plot, Structure, Scenes, Characters, Dialogue, and Craft.


Display in Scripts Portal

When you order a service you can display your script in our movie scripts database with a click of a button  along with Standards Score. 

Script Analysis

$65 / 3 days


Script Analysis service ranks, provides detailed feedback with suggestions and ideas on each of those script aspects: Concept, Theme, Commercial Potential, Story, Plot, Structure, Scenes, Characters, Dialogue, and Craft.

Script and Plot Analysis

$95 / 7 days


In addition to Script Analysis service, Plot Analysis  provides detailed and practical suggestions in over 20 areas how to improve a script plot including   Setup, Inciting Incident, The Call, Journey, Shift, Climax, and Resolution.

Script and Plot Analysis service is a  prerequisite to order Script Adviser, Scene by Scene, and Script Rewrite services.

Script Adviser

$85 / Monthly Subscription


Script Adviser provides an opportunity for ongoing feedback and suggestions.  You don't have to be alone to write your script. Research indicates you can complete your script twice as fast with Script Adviser as working alone.  

Scene - by - Scene 

$ 395 / 10 days


Scene-by-Scene analysis is the extension of the Script and Plot Analysis, providing an in-depth review of each scene. Receive feedback for each scene with suggestions how to improve script and plot. 


Script Rewrite

$1950 / 30 days


Script Rewrite is a complete rewrite following the feedback that was provided  as part of  Script and Plot Analysis service. The service includes one rewrite and one round of revisions.


Written based on a concept

$4950 / 2 Months


Our team can develop a script from your outline  including 2 revisions. Our script writing services guarantee a Standard Score of at least 85.