Services for Completed Scripts

Scene - by - Scene $ 395 / 10 days

Scene-by-Scene analysis provides an in-depth script review and feedback, with suggestions how to improve scenes and script overall.

Script Rewrite $1950 / 30 days

Our Script Rewrite service provides a complete rewrite following the feedback that was provided as part of the Script and Plot Analysis service. This script service includes one rewrite and one round of revisions.

Script Peer Review $ 10 / 7 days

The Peer Review process is based on the recommendations provided by The Hollywood Standard, an authoritative and comprehensive script writing guide. These guidelines ensure that the reviews are always of high quality. In exchange, you will be required to review another person's script.

Services for Scripts in Progress

Script Architect $ 15

Script Architect is a Self-Service product that enables you to either: create a script outline from an idea, or to improve your current script one step at the time. Script Architect can also be used for script planning, tracking progress and monitoring elements to be included in your script.

Script Adviser $85 / Monthly Subscription

Hiring a script adviser provides an opportunity for ongoing script feedback and suggestions. Tackling a script can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. Research indicates that with Script Adviser you can complete it twice as fast.

Script Write $4950 / 60 Days

Our team can develop a script from your outline including two script revisions. Our script writing services guarantee a Script Pin Score of at least 85.

Script Pin

It is about the quality of your script

How will your script stand out from other screenplays? Our goal is to make your screenplay marketable. To accomplish this, our team of script industry experts, provide detailed screenplay feedback on how to improve your script ensuring that all major elements needed for success are included in your script.

Based on success

Our unique, research-based script review process was developed through comprehensive expert analysis of hundreds of successful films. To ensure that your screenplay is assessed fairly, our script reviews are never based solely on the knowledge of a script reader.

Money Back Guarantee and Free Services

Our prices are the lowest in the industry and yet we strive to provide exceptional script services. We are confident in our services and provide a Money Back Guarantee.
Almost all screenwriters start writing scripts with little or no compensation. In light of that, we provide some services and resources for free or at a minimal price.

At any stage

From initial script concept, character and plot development to final draft reviews, we can assist with any phase of the script writing process. Our service accelerates the process of writing scripts.

Numerical assessment

Using a numerical system, Script Pin Score not only provides an overall evaluation but ranks other individual elements that need to be improved. The following elements of a script are ranked: Concept, Theme, Commercial Potential, Story, Plot, Structure, Scenes, Characters, Dialogue, and Craft.