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Script Exposure

Our script selling marketplace allows screenwriters to get a wide exposure for their scripts. Scripts with high scores are included in our regular email notifications.

Uncompromising Value

We strive to offer exceptional script selling marketplace services at the lowest prices. Our Script Contest is included free of charge distributing winning scripts directly to over thousands of production professionals.

The Lowest price

We understand that the journey of a screenwriter can be for some time without generating any income. Our plans and services are the most affordable in the industry.

Script Coverage and Evaluation Services

Effective evaluation

Our unique, research-based script review process was developed through comprehensive expert analysis of hundreds of successful films. Using this approach we believe that your screenplay will be assessed fairly and not based solely on the knowledge of one script reader.

Detailed feedback

How will your script stand out from other screenplays? Our goal is to make your screenplay marketable. To accomplish this, our team of script industry experts, will provide detailed screenplay feedback on how to improve your script.

Accurate Score

Using a numerical system, Script Pin Score not only provides an overall evaluation but ranks other individual script elements that need to be improved. A score is given for the following script elements: Concept, Theme, Commercial Potential, Story, Plot, Structure, Scenes, Characters, Dialogue, Craft and overall Script Score.

Script Pin Selling Marketplace Main Plans


Host your script at Script Selling Marketplace, a network that allows screenwriters to sell their scripts.     

Determine your script quality with do-it-yourself Script Assessment.

Automatically enter your script into our semi-annual  Script Contest. 

1 – Year Subscription / Less than $3 a month.

Receive  Professional Script Coverage Evaluation with 10 major script categories. In addition, detailed feedback how to improve your script.  

Our coverage evaluation method compares a script to important script elements of successful films. 

Automatically enter your script into our semi-annual Script Contest.

1 – Year Subscription / Less than $4 a month. 

Script Pin Contest at No Additional Fee

Your script will be entered into our semi-annual Script Contest. 

The winning scripts will be promoted on Script Selling Marketplace and thousands of Film and TV producing professionals will be notified.

The ongoing contest period: July 1 – January 1, 2018.

Frequently asked questions

Script Pin developed  a unique approach of combining Script Coverage, Script Selling Marketplace and Script Contest. This makes it affordable and useful for screenwriters.

As part of the script coverage services, screenwriters will receive quality feedback with notes on how to improve their scripts.  Also our subscribers’ scripts  receive exposure in Script Selling Marketplace and free inclusion to Script Contest.

Our focus is to make our services equally useful for screenwriters and for production professionals who are looking for scripts.

To help production professionals find quality scripts,  most of the scripts in our Script Selling Marketplace have Assessment, Evaluations and ScriptScore.

We are a team of screenwriters and analysts who started to develop a system  of analyzing scripts based on successful films. Then, using our system, we created a script coverage process.  The outcome of evaluations such as Script Score, Assessments, Evaluations are  included in Script Profile that can be displayed in Script Selling Marketplace.

Absolutely yes.  We encourage international writers. In fact, we have many submissions from United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.  

At the moment, we only accept scripts in English.  In 2019, we look forward to start accepting scripts written in Spanish for production companies based in the United States and other countries. 

Absolutely not.  You retain all rights to your work.  Neither the Script Pin nor its Editors, Administrators, Sponsors or Judges will attach themselves to your script, nor will we demand any percentage of any sales you make through Script Pin. The profits are entirely yours.

Yes, we accept adaptations. 

We cannot host or evaluate scripts that are longer than 150 pages in length.

We are not hiring at the moment, but you can check with us later. 

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1-year subscription

  • Do-it-Yourself Assessment
  • Script Score Provided
  • Marketplace Included
  • Semi-Annual Contest Entered


1-year subscription

  • Professional Evaluation
  • Detailed Feedback Provided
  • Marketplace Included
  • Semi-Annual Contest Entered

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